Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chris Medina

So many fans were touched by American Idol contestant Chris Medina‘s inspirational story. He may have left the show, but Medina has released an original song based on his emotional story, “What Are Words.”

Written and produced only a few short days ago by Rodney Jerkins for Medina to perform  and debuted this week. So, even though his Idol days are gone, at least for this season, you can still show your support for Medina and download the song for yourself. We’ve got all the details below…
Medina may be a 26-year-old barista from Illinois, but it wasn’t just his singing talent that captured our hearts. His inspirational story of becoming his fiancée, Juliana Ramos’, caregiver after she was injured in a car accident only months before their wedding date. Jerkins, hitmaking songwriter-producer Rodney Jerkins was so inspired by Medina that he penned “What Are Words” just for Medina, and the song was recorded earlier this week.

Medina says of his experience: “To go from a mass audition in Milwaukee to the ‘American Idol’ stage in Hollywood and then to record an original song by and for Rodney Jerkins has been an amazing journey not just for me but for Juliana. To be able to work in the studio with someone of his stature was a dream come true.”

Jerkins adds, “When I heard the story of Chris and Juliana, the words and music just flowed. Sometimes a song is more than a song and that’s really true with ‘What Are Words.’”

Medina talked to PopEater Friday about the song, life and his American Idol experience. Go HERE to read the full interview. As for the song, it’s available for your purchasing pleasure on iTunes.

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p/s : Me always listen to this  wonderful song over and over again..hehe...

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